Reducing Traffic  

Bothell is one of the fastest growing cities in the state, and with that growth comes growing pains. Traffic has been steadily getting worse as Bothell and the surrounding region has become more dense. I am committed to bringing relief to our roadways.

That means working with regional and state partners to support implementation of public transit that takes more cars off the road. Bus Rapid Transit and other public transit options should be fully embraced and supported by the city to get the most of our current road capacity.

While we can do more with our current infrastructure, we must also be expanding it. I will work to secure Bothell’s fair share of funding for projects like the Bothell Everett Highway widening and potential light rail extensions so that Bothell is ready to take advantage of these future transit opportunities.

Green Space & Trails

Bothell is home to many great parks and trails. These areas help to strengthen our community.


This pandemic has only made it more apparent how crucial these spaces are to mental health and physical well-being.

I want to expand our current park and trail system by completing projects like the North Creek Trail extension. The City of Bothell also needs to directly champion green space preservation by protecting natural areas in our city like the Shelton View Forest, North Creek Forest, and Wayne Golf Course. 

By supporting and expanding Bothell's green spaces and trails, we can continue to promote a thriving outdoor community.

Public Safety

A strong sense of security and public safety is critical for any city. I will work hard to make sure Bothell is a safe place to live.

I would like to expand programs that help our first responders do the best job possible.


Programs such as RADAR (Response Awareness, De-escalation and Referral) and CAHOOTS (Crisis Assistance Helping Out on The Streets) should be embraced by city leadership and fully funded so that our first responders can spend their time more efficiently and effectively.

Transparency in policing is also critical. I support funding for police bodycams so that Bothellites can feel secure that their government is always accountable to the public.

Affordable Housing

Bothell, like much of the Puget Sound, is becoming less affordable.


Mortgages, rents and property taxes continue to rise, and a lack of housing supply makes Bothell increasingly out of reach for those on low and fixed incomes. 

I want the city to plan for the future with a lens towards accessibility for people of all income brackets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly shed light on the pressing need for more affordable housing. This was an issue before the pandemic, but, as many people struggle to return to work, we need to approach city planning with this lens.



It's not a question of whether Bothell is growing, but how fast.


As one of the fastest growing cities in the region, the city council needs to adopt a balanced and people-oriented approach to designing and planning for growth. 

Walkable neighborhoods, vibrant public gathering spaces, expanded bike infrastructure, and an inviting city center need to be prioritized in order to encourage blossoming community gathering places.


The closure of main street has shown how pedestrian-friendly city policy can bring life to our downtown.